I did a hypnosis session with Nadine a few months ago and I benefited a lot so I decided to join the Karma Retreat in Cairo. I was looking forward to enjoying Cairo and doing some yoga and healing sessions. I did not expect that the sites that we were going to visit were also going to contribute to the healing process and move me to the core.
I’m on my way back home now, sad to leave this place and hoping to see the beautiful ladies I bonded with very soon.
I want to incorporate in my daily life more of the practices that I learned during this retreat and be calmer.
I recommend this retreat to any person who would like to align their mind, body, spirit, and heart and be at peace and grateful for the life they live
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Sara34 years

Nadine was so genuine from the first connection I felt empowered to join the retreat in Cyprus. We have connected with likeminded women and bonded through each therapy & experience throughout our time together.

You will get much more than you ever needed from joining one of the Karma Retreats and make bonds with others you would never had the opportunity to meet and share your life story with and grow from healing yourself and the others at the same time.

Love and light to Nadine
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Suzan54 years

I cannot recommend Karma Retreats enough; Nadine is a wonderful teacher. I have gained so much more than I could have possibly imagined from this experience. I am so grateful.
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Bebe43 years

Nadine is an amazing Woman with a great soul full of energy. I  highly recommend her retreats cause what you’ll experience is much more than what you expect. Im so grateful that I had this opportunity . Thanks nadine xx
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Vanessa44 years

Karma Retreats was the best choice ever. I went not knowing what to expect since this was my first time. Our practitioner Nadine packed our days with so many different practices, we did Shakti Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditations, Yoga Laughter, Trauma Release, Dancing, and many more..Nadine also thought us and certified us with REIKI level 1. An experience that I will treasure all my life. The precious thing that happened was, the amazing ladies within this group! We all got so attached as if we have known each other for years. I recommend to anyone who has not yet been on this journey to just go for it and not expect anything. Go with the flow I can assure you it is a life-changing experience. Nadine makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. Thank you Nadine you are a beautiful person not just from the outside but also from the inside. I look forward to our next retreat
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Claudette44 years

For my first session, I remember how much I was crying, and felt like my emotions were just controlling me. I called Nadine for an urgent appointment and she made it happen.

I walked in with tears, but when I walked out, I was able to channel my feelings, understand them. I felt relieved.

My session was surreal, almost all my chakras were closed. And to be honest, hearing that made me realize, I have so much to understand about myself, and my feelings. Nadine helped me understand the child in me, that was stuck in moments in the past. My sessions after that were healing.

The core of it all is giving yourself a real chance to dissect every feeling, every pain.. with someone that can build a trusting, comfortable and free environment. Someone that is able to take you to your happy place, and guide you through your deepest thoughts, with ease.

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Fay34 years

“I was obsessing with getting pregnant and thought it should work from the first couple of months and was convinced that something is wrong with my body.

I decided to try out healing with Nadine and find out what chakras are blocked! She explained everything in detail and was very patient!

I swear to you that after the first session and with following her tips, I was more relaxed and a couple of months later we got pregnant!”

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Lea33 years